Preserving tradition – celebrating Nordic culture and design

M/S NAVIGATOR is a riveted steel ship built in 1941. This unique and traditional vessel has been fully refitted according to proud Danish quality and design traditions.

Boat Deck

Saloon; incl. conference equipment. Wheel house. Deck area with RIB and traditional recue boat.

Saloon; incl. conference equipment.

Wheel house with small meeting room facility

Boat deck

Boat deck

Boat deck

M/S NAVIGATOR’s RIB will take you ashore or be available for exploring the Port of Copenhagen for example.

Main Deck

Dining/meeting room seating up to 12 guests; incl. conference equipment Accommodation: 2 staterooms (1-2 person) with one shared bath room.
Deck area with dining / meeting table.

Hall on main deck.

Dining/meeting room accommodates up to 12 guests.

Meeting room with conference equipment.

Deck area with dining / meeting table.


Bang & Olufsen entertainment and conference equipment.

Twin deck

Owner’s cabin (2 persons) with king size bed and bath room
2 staterooms (2 persons) with double beds and en-suite bath rooms

Owners cabin

Owners bathroom

M/S NAVIGATOR pays respect to the environment

Remarkable low fuel consumption marks the difference between traditional and modern ships. On board, it is the policy of the crew to observe minimum waste and consumption.

Historic DC control panel still in function.